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Intramural Program

Spring 2018 Intramural Program




Our Intramural Program offers play based on age groupings for boys & girls for birth years from 2009 through 2014.

The Intramural Program is intended to develop young soccer players while ensuring that players of all skill levels have fun. All intramural games are played at the Mt. Sinai Elementary school fields. Teams compete within the Mount Sinai Youth Soccer club against our other intramural teams. Mid-week practices are held at the discretion of the coach, usually one per week located at the elementary school.

Equipment required for each player are a uniform, a pair of shin guards, a soccer ball.  A number 3 soccer ball is needed for players born between 2011-2014; a number 4 soccer ball for those born from 2009-2010.  Cleats are recommended but not required.  If you’ve purchased a uniform in last two years or so, you will not need to buy new one if it still fits your child.  We keep our uniform design as similar as possible from year to year to help keep costs down.  Uniforms or “kits” are currently purchased through using the following instructions:

- Go to

- Click on the "Team" tab at the top, then hold down and click on "find your team"

- You will see "find team store".  Enter "Mount Sinai Youth Soccer" in the bar.

- You should then be on the "start here" page where you need to click and scroll down to find either: 2018 kit, 2018 kit no name or 2018 intramural kit.

-  Select your kit (uniform) and start your order. The ordering and purchasing process is similar to that of any on-line store.

- You will automatically become a Gold Club member with upon purchasing your child’s uniform and will get points towards your future purchases.

- You can choose any number that you wish for your child.  Duplicate numbers are allowed in intramural play! 

All games are on Sunday mornings from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm with the youngest players playing first.  Each session lasts one hour with team practices held for the first half hour and games against other intramural teams in the second half hour. Players born between 2011-2014 will play small-sided 4v4 games and the 2009-2010 age group will be playing 6v6 with goalkeepers.  The season starts on April 8th and ends in June.   We have the option of extending the season two weeks if games are cancelled due to weather.  Our plan is to play a minimum of 7 weeks.

The Intramural Registration Fee is $118 per child. This does not include uniforms or equipment.  There is a $20 discount for registering 3 weeks BEFORE the start of the season. There is also an additional family discount that applies upon check out, a 10% for two siblings and 15% for three or more siblings. 


We are always looking for coaches and volunteers to help with our program.  If you’d like to help out as a head coach, assistant coach or team parent, please let us know!  There is no experience necessary and we will have our professional trainers on hand to assist where needed.


Any parent who volunteered to be a head coach for the Fall season and is returning for the upcoming Spring season receives a registration fee waiver for one child this Spring.  If you plan on returning for the Spring please let us know as soon as possible!






MSYS League Wide Refund Policy

1. Any player accepted for registration with MSYS shall be required to pay the full registration fee and any other fees paid by other players.

2. There shall be no refunds of registration fees paid on behalf of any player.

3. In the event any player registers late there will be no proration of registration fees or other fees required to be paid by any such player.